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180528: A conversation with my grandfather about BTS’ achievements

180925: A celebrity’s imperative?

190877: Musings on Bring the Soul

200117: On Black Swan and the place of art

200224: Emo hours after the MOTS : 7 press conference

200210: Korean things that are now simply … things

Interviews Given

181116: “BTS ARMY: Inside the World’s Most Powerful Fandom” (MTV News)

190704: “As BTS’s Reach Expands, an Army of Dedicated K-Pop Translators Grows” (The New York Times)

191120: “With or without a Grammy nomination, BTS have made a global impact with their music” (USA Today)

200625: “How millions of K-Pop fans became an internet army of social activists” (SBS News Australia)

200728: “BTS is one of the biggest music sensations in history. Here’s a look back on their meteoric rise to stardom.” (Business Insider)

200917: “BTS: The Band, the Brand & The ARMY” (Spotify Podcast: For the Record)

201028: “No One Fights QAnon Like The Global Army of K-Pop Superfans” (Bloomberg Businessweek)

201118: “Inside the BTS ARMY, the Devoted Fandom With an Unrivaled Level of Organization” (TIME Magazine)

201125: “BTS thank their fans for Grammy Awards ‘miracle’ after K-Pop boy band win first nomination in major category” (South China Morning Post)

201212: “How K-Pop band BTS is changing the mental health conversation” (ABC Life)