VLIVEs & Logs

This is not an exhaustive list of all their lives, just some of the ones I was able to tune in for! Clicking on the date will direct you to my twitter thread, and the title to the video source.

(Note: My original twitter account is currently suspended, which means all of the links to my translation threads below are faulty. Yes, I continue to mourn this.)


2007** RM JH: Youtube Log (Camera Choosing)
200616 Jimin: Youtube Log (2 days after BangBangCon)
2004** BTS: Youtube Log (Album Concept Meeting)
200507 V RM jhope: Youtube Log (Visual Concept Meeting)
200506 SUGA: Youtube Log (Painting Take 2)
200428 j-hope: Youtube Log (Hope on the Street)
200424 SUGA: Youtube Log (Painting)
200417 RM: Youtube Log (Studio Vibes)

190518: V Log filmed 181004 (After Chicago’s Love Yourself concert)
190403: RM Log filmed 190923 (before the UN address)
: RM Log filmed 180511 (before the release of LY: Tear)

Spontaneous VLIVEs

200515 SUGA: SHUP-D’s Kkul FM 06.13

200514 j-hope: Watch this if you’re bored (Warning that it’ll be frustrating!)

200507 V: TaeTae FM 6.13

200502 SUGA ft. RM: Shup D-s Kkul FM 06.13

200427 Jin, SUGA & Jimin: JinKimMin

200425 SUGA: Kkul FM 06.13

200423 V: TaeTae FM 6.13

200423 RM & j-hope: I’m not late today~
Posts of finished product

200414 RM & Jimin: Today’s guest is?

200408 Jin: Eat Jin

200330 Jimin: My fancy entrance

200326 Jimin: I came~!

200310 RM: Namjoonie’s 7 Behind

200307 BTS: Two days before MIN SUGA’s birthday

200306 RM & V: R&V !!!!!!!!!!!!

200305 Jin & SUGA & Jungkook: ARMY, we miss you

200101 BTS: Happy New Year with ARMY!

191215 V: It’s been awhile for me too

191215 RM: It’s really been awhile

191214 SUGA: SUGA’s Interlude

191204 BTS: Jin’s birthday V live

191020 Jimin: Here I am~!

191012 Jimin: Meeting ARMY the day before my birthday

190927 j-hope: j-hope! (CNS)

190914 Jin: EAT Jin

191124 Jin: EAT Jin

190814 Jimin: I came

190812 Jimin: Hoot

190810 Jimin: say hello to me

190714 SUGA: Hm

190616 Jungkook: A relaxed drink after a happy time

190603 Jungkook: I am a person of no tears

190602 SUGA: E~oh~!

190522 j-hope: Hope is Here~!

190519 Jin & Jimin: EAT Jin (with Jimin)
(and the continuation, “And I had trusted you so” ft. V & JK)

190502 BTS: Do you know BTS?

190423 RM: MAP OF THE SOUL : PERSONA behind

190413 BTS: BTS KKUL FM 06.13 : Comeback Special

190401 j-hope & SUGA: Hwagae Market Dissolution Announcement

190319 Jin: Hong Kong EatJin

190309 SUGA: Thank you for wishing me a happy birthday!

190220 RM: RKive 2
[Extra clip: Miraculously boarded on the same boat]

190220 RM: RKive
[Extra clips: V’s wine for SUGA | Jimin’s puppy hair]

190218 j-hope: HOPE day countdown
[Extra clip: Blowing out cake!]

190217 SUGA: SUGA who looks like he’s just jumped out of the concert
[Extra clip: Lamb skewer love confession]

190211 BTS: and the t ht g gg gramm….2
[Extra clip: THE GRAMMY GOES TO …. BTS!]

190128 j-hope: HOPE WORLD!
[Extra clip: His rival is?]

190120 Jimin: I’m here!

181204 Jin: Seokjinnie’s birthday

181101 RM: RM mono behind

181021 V ft. j-hope: Night in Paris

181016 JungkookJK

181013 Jiminma birthday!😗

181005 V: it’s been awhile

180928 Jungkook: I’ll visit just for a moment

180912 RM ft. BTS: Happy RM Day!

180911 SUGA: Repeated V-app Game

180909 j-hope ft. BTS: Jjay~ho~~~~ope~~~!

180907 Jimin ft. JinIt’s been awhile?!

180906 Jungkook: ‘Showing off black hair’ Live
[Extra clip: w-why is it like that?]

180905 Jin: EAT Jin

180902 RMLOVE YOURSELF 結 ‘Answer’ Behind

180831 BTS: BTS’ To, Day

180725 BTS: Makgeolli Attack

180610 BTS:  Final Broadcast Live

180528 RM LOVE YOURSELF 轉 ‘Tear’ Behind

180521 BTS: Our ARMY won an award (post-BBMAs)

180423 Jimin: It’s been awhile (post-Osaka’s Muster Day 1) 

180420 Jungkook: JK (post-Tokyo’s Muster Day 3)

180302 j-hope: Mixtape <Hope World> Behind

180111 BTS: Our Army, you’ve received a Daesang!

180103 RM: Hello 2018