Twitter Masterpost

This is a masterpost of translated material that exist on my Twitter account, @doyou_bangtan. It is not an exhaustive list, and so if you’d like to search a date or keyword in particular, Twitter’s Advanced Search tool would be more helpful.
I am currently updating this page with material between Oct-Dec 2018. This has been last updated in April 2019.
For lyric translations and FESTA materials, please visit this page.

Live Translation Threads 
Spontaneous VLIVEs
Dates direct you to my twitter thread, title to the video source
Press Conferences
  • 180826: Love Yourself: Answer and the Love Yourself Tour
  • 180524: Love Yourself: Tear
Concerts & Award Ceremonies
I may have only translated select speeches at an award ceremony,
and the list below certainly does not cover all the ones they have attended
Fancafe/Weverse Posts
This is a non-exhaustive list of my translations that picks out ones that are particularly amusing or thoughtful. Feel free to search the keywords ‘fancafe update’ & ‘fc update’ along with my username via Twitter’s Advanced Search tool if you’d like to read through all of them.
  • 190807: RM reflecting on Bring the Soul
  • 190328: RM‘s process for the intro ‘Persona’
  • 190313: Jungkook dropping in after having a ‘reeeeeeeally light, super light glass of wine’
  • 190311: Jimin, reflecting on BTS’ love for ARMY | SUGA in response to receiving birthday wishes, especially in the manner of charity donations; he himself donated 100 million won to the Korea Pediatric Cancer Foundation in the name of ARMY
  • 190227: Jimin‘s reflections on ARMY and performing at the end of award show season
  • 190222: Jungkook in a fc chatting room
  • 190224: Jin commenting on the weather and encouraging us (only) to take a walk
  • 190122: RM on milestones and the day by days
  • 190120: Jungkook in a fc chatting room
  • 190118: Jungkook‘s flurry of posts
  • 190116: V trying to enter a solitary chatroom
    [Note: Check @cafe_army’s thread on the events here!]
  • 190112: V hinting to his release of ‘Scenery’ | Jungkook‘s flurry of posts | Bonus: RM on VLIVE+
  • 190110: RM in a fc chatting room and ending post
  • 190106: Jungkook in a fc chatting room
  • 190105: Jungkook‘s flurry of posts
  • 190101: Jin on his internet hiatus and striving to be someone who can stand proud
  • Logs
    190518: V Log filmed 181004 (After Chicago’s Love Yourself concert)
    190403: RM Log filmed 190923 (before the UN address)
    : RM Log filmed 180511 (before the release of LY: Tear)
  • 180924: Kim Namjoon speaks on behalf of BTS at the launch of the United Nations’ Generation Unlimited campaign
  • 180625: Yoon Jong Shin speaks about BTS in an interview with Sports Seoul
  • 180401: BTS’ April Fools pranks. These weren’t able to be collected in one major thread, for I retweeted each of the boys’ posts. However, here’s Jin’s very … thoughtful letter to Bang PD, and Jimin’s post about RM & Jin being the new hot celebrity couple.

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