BTS, The Road to the Sea
Dispatch, April 2018

An article that winds through their past, each moment considered frankly by the members and the interviewers with the support of BTS’ own lyrics. Beautiful prose that reflects an even more beautiful way of understanding who they are, and the work they do. | (twt)

 A rare and illuminating interview from Big Hit’s main producer, Pdogg. Not only does he speak of the members growing into their own skins, he speaks of his place in Big Hit as a mentor and musician. | (twt)

Who are the fans who went to see BTS in the US?
Ize Magazine, 23rd November 2017

Spot-on analysis of why BTS has risen to the point they have in the U.S. Suggests the unified front of BTS and their fandom ARMY is becoming the first and foremost example of a new subculture. | (twt)

[Art that has become history, song that has become myth]
BTS, K-POP’s jewel that has conquered the world
Monthly Chosun, 23rd November 2017

An article with a hard hitting ending that compiles recent Korean analyses of why BTS is as popular as they are. The translator’s note at the end includes a consideration of how the inspiration of Kim Choo Sun’s poem ‘Flower’ for Serendipity elevates not only the song, but the entire album. | (twt)

‘The DNA of the seven coloured rainbow’ published by Joongang on the 7th January 2018 is an article in the same vein, even more specific in nature. |(twt)

Exclusive Interview with BTS ahead of their American Debut
Chosun News, 22nd November 2017

This is an in-depth article that not only asks about the AMAs and the US, but about why and how they do what they do. They trace their history back from their Korean debut, and consider how they’ve matured not only as musicians, but as people, through the years.

From Seo Taiji to BTS: How music changes the world 
Korea Times, 1st November 2017

A great piece reflecting on BTS’ partnership with UNICEF, and how since Seo Taiji, it has not been the singers as much as the fans themselves who create long-term change. Inspiring and honest.