FC & Weverse Posts

This is a non-exhaustive list; posts I thought were particularly thoughtful or amusing. Feel free to search the keywords ‘fancafe update’, ‘fc update’, and ‘weverse’ along with my username via Twitter’s Advanced Search tool if you’d like to read through all of them.


211104: RM dropping by

210101: RM on the new year

200615: Jimin, for their 7th anniversary

200613: RM, for their 7th anniversary

200320: Jimin, missing us

200319: Jungkook naming his artwork (check the 2nd tweet!)

200101: RM on the new year

191204: RM after MAMA

191116: Jin on keeping public order in airports

190901: Jungkook thanking fans for his birthday projects

190807: RM reflecting on Bring the Soul

190328: RM‘s process for his ‘Intro : Persona’

190313: Jungkook dropping in after having a ‘reeeelly light, super light glass of wine’

190311: Jimin, reflecting on BTS’ love for ARMY | SUGA in response to receiving birthday wishes, especially in the manner of charity donations; he himself donated 100 million won to the Korea Pediatric Cancer Foundation in the name of ARMY

190227: Jimin‘s reflections on ARMY and performing at the end of award show season

190222: Jungkook in a fc chatting room

190224: Jin commenting on the weather and encouraging us (only) to take a walk

190122: RM on milestones and the day by days

190120: Jungkook in a fc chatting room

190118: Jungkook‘s flurry of posts

190112: V hinting to his release of ‘Scenery’ | Jungkook‘s flurry of posts |
Bonus: RM on VLIVE+

190110: RM in a fc chatting room and ending post

190106: Jungkook in a fc chatting room

190105: Jungkook‘s flurry of posts

190101: Jin on his internet hiatus and striving to be someone who can stand proud

Weverse Responses
These are usually short and pithy, but can have a lot of heart too.

200504: V on how much he loves

200415: Jin on to do lists

200404: V on COVID-19

200326: This whole thread of Jin on the science of the moon

200321: j-hope on having a hyung like Jin

200318: Jin‘s ‘spoilers’

200313: V‘s Defense

200224: V on recharging your heart’s batteries

200218: V‘s message, Necessary Reading on birthdays!

200125: Jin finds the odd one out

191222: V on loving you, V‘s ‘lullaby’ that results in Very Different Feelings

191221: Jin on the pop up store, Jin on his shoulders

191220: Jin‘s dual citizenship?, Jin on the reason he visits often, Jin‘s ‘cheap’ Christmas present ideas

191215: Jin, did it hurt?!?!?

191122: Jin‘s breaking news

191111: Dazzling Jin

190814: RM, everythingoes