Hi, I’m wisha!
I’ve loved kpop for over a decade, and mindlessly watched BTS’ music videos since debut. They caught my attention during the HYYH series, and I bought tickets to see them at the WINGS Tour in Sydney in May ’17.
Walking in, I didn’t even know Jin and Jimin were two different people.
Walking out, I knew I had experienced the best of kpop: a seamless integration of good music, choreography, and charisma.
And I was utterly taken with their lyrics and the promise that we would never walk alone.
The boys are certainly not my only source of laughter, comfort and drive, but they play an important role, for that is what art does. Furthermore, they have me reach out again into the world we live in; a world scarred, precious, and infinitely beautiful.
I’ve been translating for a long time, but this is me doing my bit for ARMY. I hope that I can help you understand them and their work better.
I’d love to chat, drop me a line via comment box or twitter!