Produced by BUMZU
(BUMZU, Jin, RM, Pdogg)

Lyric Translation

숨을 참고서 나의 바다로 들어간다 간다
Holding my breath, into my sea do I go, go

아름답고도 슬피 우는 나를 마주한다
I meet myself, lovely though crying 

저 어둠 속의 날
To myself, in that darkness

찾아가 말하고 싶어
I want to seek him out and speak these words –

오늘은 널 더 알고 싶다고 yeah
that today, I want to know you more, yeah

🌊 아직도 나는 내게 머물러있다
I still stay with me 

목소린 나오질 않고 맴돌고만 있다
My voice doesn’t come out, I’m only circling you

저 까만 곳
That dark place

잠기고 싶어 가보고 싶어
I want to drown in it, I want to go there

I’ll be there 🌊

오늘도 또 너의 주위를 맴돈다
Today, too, I circle you 

너에게 갈수록 숨이 차오르고 넌 더 멀어지는 것 같아
The further I go towards you, I seem to be more out of breath, and you only seem to get further away

더 깊은 바다로 들어간 건 아닐까 yeah
Have you perhaps entered an even deeper sea, yeah 

저 바닷속의 날
To myself, in that sea,

찾아가 말하고 싶어
I want to seek him out and speak these words –

오늘은 널 더 알고 싶다고 yeah
that today, I want to know you more, yeah 


오늘도 이렇게 너의 곁으로 눈을 감는다
Today, too, I close my eyes near you 


Hello, it’s Jin.

Recently, in a press conference, I said words such as this
“I don’t like to share my sad feelings with the fans. This is because I only want to show them the good things. However, I feel differently if it’s through music. I don’t like to share it through my everyday actions, but I think it would be okay to  show them through music.” 

To tell you the truth, I was severely burnt out recently, and I think it was because I had many thoughts regarding myself.

I received congratulations from many people regarding the 1st place on Billboard’s Hot 100 Chart, but I wondered whether I deserved to receive such things..

There are honestly a lot of people who love music and are better at music than me, so is it okay for me to receive such joy and congratulations..

I had such thoughts, and it was delving further into this that made my heart heavy and want to lay down all things.

I received counselling regarding this issue and spent each day as they were before having a conversation with Bang PD who suggested whether I’d like to express such feelings through music. 

I gave the response that I didn’t have the confidence to make it well, was worried the end result wouldn’t be good, and was already at a level in which such things would not be acceptable.. but Bang PD said such things weren’t important. But if I was to do it, he promised that I would do well, and he would find someone who would match well with me. 

It is in this way I was able to meet composer Bumju Gye hyungnim and speak to him about many things including my feelings. 

It turns out he’s a bright and positive person. Hyungnim said he wanted to help me and said with positive strength, “Let’s try writing about many anxieties~ If it doesn’t work out, we can simply try again”, which brightened me up again.

We spoke about many things in such a way, and he was able to make a track that expressed my feelings as they were in that very place, and by using this as a vehicle to write about the things I wanted to say, ‘Abyss’ was finished. I want to say once again that I’m thankful to Bumju Gye. 

It’s a sort of depressing song that doesn’t befit a birthday, but I thought it would be more awkward to release it on a day that wasn’t my birthday, so I have indeed released ‘Abyss’. 

ARMYs, even if its lacking, please listen to it well.

ps. Thank you to our leader-nim who wrote the lyrics for the chorus. 

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