Mnet Music Awards 2019

The 2019 Mnet Music Awards (MAMA) were held on the 4th December in Nagoya Dome, Japan. BTS won 9 awards at the event, including all of the 4 daesangs. This is their second full sweep of the daesangs after the Melon Music Awards just days previously.
My MAMA 2019 thread on twitter includes all relevant details from the night, including cuts of their reactions, performances, and speech translations. I have transferred some of the speeches over here as well, however, for a better reading experience.
Best Dance Performance Male Group
JM: Hello. First, to our Mr. Sohn, Teacher Sohn, who is always responsible for our performances, thank you so much. And to all our dancers who always work so hard at the venue, thank you. Thank you for always enjoying our performances, and I’d be grateful if you could greatly await the performances by other artists that are yet to come, as well as ours. 
Worldwide Fans Choice (Bonsang)
JK: Yes! Hello. I’m – such a big award – (puts hand to in-ear) oh, this is confusing – yes, we received such a big award — we’ve been receiving such big awards, but it’s still pretty fascinating, because I believe we can receive awards as a result of you liking us — so with a grateful heart, we’ll continue to work hard in the future, striving to become great artists that can share happiness and good music with you. Thank you! (bows) 

Album of the Year for Map of the Soul : Persona
JH: WAAAAA! ARMY! I’d like to convey my great, great thanks for being able to receive the Daesang. 
I, too, was a boy that knew nothing but dance, but coming into Big Hit and becoming a member of BTS, I was able to work really hard learning about music from these friends, and in working hard, I debuted and am now having you hear the music I work on, and so I think this award is a very meaningful one — for me, as well as the BTS members as a whole. 
So I want to convey my great thanks, and furthermore, while working on the albums, I undertake a lot of study in the area, yes. And in the future, too, I will continue to study so to have you hear even better music. I will make sure to approach you always with a good message, as a positive influence. 
JM: First, to Jimmy Fallon, who made a special appearance, thank you so much. (giggles) And! We’re now preparing for our next album, and I think we’ll be able to appear in front of you with a much greater album than what you’ll be expecting. Thank you!
RM: Thank you Jimmy!!
Worldwide Icon of the Year
RM: (ENG) ARMY, make some noise! Look at this award, this is for you, guys! You know, we’ve never thought we could call as some award like worldwide, but you know, everybody – every ARMY – watching this show, watch this award: you guys gave this title, you guys gave us the world. And you know, this year, we released an album called Persona. And our persona is all made by you guys. We love you ARMYs. Thank you, we love you! 
Song of the Year
Jin: ARMYYYY! We’ve been able to receive this ‘Song of the Year’ award again thanks to ARMY. I’d like to give my thanks to our ARMY.

We work really hard to make music. For the next album, also, we’ll come carrying good music. Many artists here in the dome too, and many otherwise, are making good music here and now. And I hope that there would come a day that these songs can all be acknowledged and be heard often by the world. 

Though dishonest means are fine, how would it be if good music could be made through a means that is a little more honest? It would be good if a time came in which everyone made/performed good music, and good music was listened to. 
Thank you. 
Artist of the Year
SG: Thank you so much, ARMYs. Seriously, 2019 was a year fought furiously with hard work. Last year at MAMA, the members bawled, and we raced through the year with the thought that we should do well; that we should do our best. Thank you so much for the great amount of love you’ve given us. 
It’s like that, looking back, – even if, at the time, it’s so difficult and the world feels like it’s about to collapse, when time passes, it becomes a moment which you can look back on with a smile. 
We, through the past year, have become stronger; everyone, thank you, ARMYs. 
RM: And to those who emceed the event, all the fans who watched, artists, staff and related parties in the back — this year, too, you’ve worked hard. You worked so hard. 
There isn’t much that we can do. We’ll work hard making our music, and practise in the practice rooms, and appear again to dance with all our might, so that we could be a strength to you — for you all, all of you travelling through this same era. We will gain strength and shine bright by doing what we can do in the place we’re in. For as we look at you, we receive a lot of strength and resolve ourselves,
“Ah, we have to work hard too, we have to shine bright too”. 
Truly, all those of you who have watched over us, you have worked hard, and next year too, please look after us. Please, be healthy and happy! Thank you!

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