Melon Music Awards 2019

The 2019 Melon Music Awards were held on the 30th November, successfully kicking off the Korean end-of-year award shows. BTS won 8 awards at the event, including all 4 of the daesangs (grand prizes). In doing so, they became the first ever group in history to be awarded with all the daesangs at a Korean award ceremony.

Continue reading for full translations of their award speeches. The twitter thread can be found here.

1. Top 10

2. Netizen Popularity

(V tries to hand over the award and shy away, but Jin says “The person who receives it is the one that does it”, pushing him to the mic) 

V: ARMY! I dreamt a dream last night. I dreamt a dream that I could enjoy a good memory together with ARMY, and I think receiving this award and saying this speech now in response is the dream. I’m so nervous that while I want to express more than ‘thank you’ and ‘I love you’ but I have not, until now, been able to find a good enough word. I really love you, and ARMY, I really purple you. And everyone, please look forward to today’s stage! Thank you!

3. Kakao Hot Star 

(As BTS walked up to the stage, the voice-over cheekily brought up the fact V was cut off while saying his speech for the same award last year, promising they wouldn’t do the same this time round.)

JM: Hello, it’s BTS. We’ve received the ‘Hot Star’ award, but I think this award, more than anything else, is in fact one that all of you should receive. I think we use the word ‘hot’ a lot — that things are ‘hot’ or ‘trendy’ — but I believe these are words that the many fans of stars establish, so it really makes me think that we received this award because all of our ARMY are so ‘hot’. Whenever we travel overseas, or appear in various places, the words we always hear are “Why is your ARMY of such a high standard?”, “Your ARMY is so ‘hot’.” That I could say such words on such an occasion is such an honour and makes me so happy, and we will work hard to not fall behind your ‘hot’ness. 

(RM whispers to JM Please shout ‘I love you’ loudly”.)

JM: I love you!!!

(RM smiles)

4. Best Dance – Male

(Before they reach the mics)
JK: Me?

JH: Yeah, go for it this time.

JK: I – this is something that Hobi hyung should do –
JH: No, you do it! 

JK: – but I’ll do it. 

(JM giggles)

JK: Yes, well. I feel as though this great outcome is a result of having danced hard just as we practised. And I think it’s thanks to you — thanks to ARMY — that I find the strength to dance. I thank you so much, and to end, Jin hyung, who dances the choreography most impressively out of all of us, will speak.

JH: Hyung, dance as you come over.

J: I don’t know why they’re being like this to me (laughs), but if it’s for ARMY, I’ll dance so hard to the point my teeth grinds to dust. Thank youuu!

JH: Oh, and I’d like to share the joy of this award with our dancers who work so hard every album and award ceremony, and with Mr. Son — Son Sung Deuk Teacher — and Bangster, Bangwoonie hyung (?) — who work really hard. I thank them, and would like to share this joy with them. Thank you.

JK: ARMY, I love you!

JM: Thank you!

5. Record of the Year

CWS: Hello, I am actor Choi Woo Shik. First, the work I was involved in this year received a lot of love and interest overseas, and so there were many moments in which I could personally experience the response of those overseas. I believe that though I may not act in the same language [as the viewer], there is common ground in the way the work touches viewers. 

It is the same, indeed, for K-Pop. In this era, where our songs in our language are being sung all over the world, all of these artists who are challenging themselves in the global market with what is ours – surely they must be representatives of our nation. 

The award I’m presenting tonight is one of 4 Daesangs, the ‘Record of the Year’. As it was introduced in the video before me, this award is one that is given to all those who gathered to make the record, such as the singers, organisers, composers, songwriters, and choreographers, and the artist is presented with the award on behalf of them all. And so, I will present it now.

The 2019 Melon Music Awards’ ‘Record of the Year’. Congratulations, BTS. 

(BTS walk to the stage)

RM: Hello. First, truly … yes. Thank you so much for a meaningful award. Well, this is the ‘Record of the Year’, right? 

Well, though there are a lot of meanings [of the word ‘record’], such as of a vinyl record, or the act of recording, does it not also have the meaning of making a record of events for later reference? 

So for recording many days together with us, and for being the ink of the pen that records and writes it alongside us, all our Big Hit employees inclusive of Bang Shi Hyuk PD-nim, and to all those involved in the music industry, and more than anyone else, to those who are the greater protagonists than us — all the ARMYs who are watching the broadcast now and are here right now, as well as all consumers of music — we receive this award in thanks, in the thought that we receive it on your behalf, and therefore will move forward, working harder in the future with thankful hearts to leave even greater records in the future. Thank you. I love you.

6. Song of the Year

JK: Yes! First, I’d like to give my thanks first and foremost to ARMY; thank you so much. And I really do think that I’m a happy person, for through the music I enjoy, I’m able to convey even a small source of strength, hope, or happiness. For I want to continue being happy with you all, I will continue making good songs and singing them in the future also. I love you.

RM: Everyone, when we were deciding the title of this song, you know I said that if we chose ‘A Poem for the Small Things’, our Jimin-ssi would — if [this song] is something we’re gifting you, and it’s about your everyday life like your day, what you like, what you eat, what you enjoy — but I remember clearly how Jimin-ssi worried, asking “what if by titling the song ‘A Poem for the SMall Things’, it sounded as if we’re describing their love as something small?” But (laughs) Jimin-ssi, small things aren’t necessarily bad, right? Until the day the small things aren’t small anymore, we will work hard; running, singing, and dancing. Thank you. I love you.

7. Album of the Year

SG: Ah, yes. Yes. Ah, first, ‘Album of the Year’ is a very big award; it’s an honour to receive it. I especially want to convey my thanks to the members who worked on the album with me, as well as to Bang Shi Hyuk PD-nim, the Big Hit composers, and all the many other staff. 

In particular, while working on the Persona album, I honestly enjoyed it a lot, the process was really enjoyable; even while working on it in the midst of [a period that] was really busy, hectic, with a storm of schedules, it was really enjoyable. 

Once, at the Melon Music Awards, I invited you to join me in a search of how to become happy. But however much I thought about it, singing, making albums, touring — it turns out things like that made me happiest. And so I can say 2019 was a really happy year. 

In particular, the Persona album received so much love. To the ARMYs who loved it, the large number of fans all over the world who loved it; I’m really thankful. Truly, I’m being sincere. (laughs) I want to deliver [these words] to you. Thank you. I love you!

J: ‘Album of the Year’. Personally, I think that we were able to receive the album award because you loved us. Album — in an album, there are pictures of us, photocards, hidden tracks — only through having an interest in us would you be able to think ‘oh there are things like this!’ and search for it, and so I really want to convey my thanks for allowing us to receive the album award. Everyone, our ARMYs, thank you so much!

JM: Hello. Last year, I said that I wanted to repay you with this award, and so, I’m happy that I was able to repay what you’ve done for us. Thank you. Everyone, we said that we’d work hard without clinging to numbers or results, but I personally think I really do cling to them. (laughs) 

Because truly, as we [in BTS] always say to each other, the encouragement and love that you give us is so, so big that we really don’t know when we’d be able to repay it all. And so, I think often that I’d like to continuously sing and dance together with the members and with you all in even higher places. 

I thank you sincerely. And to the composers, all our company staff, the staff here on premises, and our manager hyungs, I sincerely thank you and love you. Thank you, everyone!

8. Artist of the Year

V: ARMY, truly, the elementary school kid that ate Apollo is now standing in such a place. Truly, to me, for me personally, I thought I was nothing, but that I could seriously receive acknowledgement through music and receive so much love from ARMY, and truly, you deliver messages to us saying that you receive healing due to us, that you’re happy because of us, and every time we received messages like that, we’d get a lump in our throats and keep thinking ‘let’s deliver even greater music to them’. 

I don’t think I’ll be able to give it up; this music. I’ll make sure to keep growing so that next year, the year after that, and all the years after that, I can repay you with even better music, and approach you with love. 

SG: j-hope!!

JH: I wanted to shout it out once, excitedly: ARMY! This year, too, we receive this amazing award. It’s truly such an honour, and I want to convey my thanks to you. 

Honestly, because there were so many events this year, so many humbling events to be thankful for, if you asked me which part remains brightest in my memory, there were honestly so many events to the point I honestly wouldn’t be able to pinpoint just one. But honestly, I think I always think that. There are so many moments, and so many events to be thankful of — what would happen if I let these moments fly past me, when they’re all such precious events to be thankful of? And I have the desire to express it, but what if miss even one of them? I think such things. 

I want to say once more in a big way that I’m very thankful to you all for allowing us receive all of those many honours, and awards such as this. And, finally, I’ll shout it out one more time: ARMY! Thank you everyone, I’ll make sure to remember this award. 2019. 

RM: Now, everyone. Because there’s something I really want to say to end. (laughs) First, this year also, I really don’t know whether we have the right to receive this award instead of the people in front of us, as well as the many other artists who have shared such incredible music with us. Even now. 

So everyone, do you want to make this year a little special for the final time? Everyone, you remember the Melon Music Awards in 2013, right? We received the Rookie Artist award then, but we thought it was a secret camera [to play a joke on us] because our name was called so suddenly. And in 2016, we received the ‘Album of the Year’ award for the first time, and then, too, we thought it was a secret camera, for they called ‘Wings’ so suddenly. And now, it’s 2019. So truly, [201]3, 6, 9; we’ve come to the end of the 2010s that we had debuted in, and the seven of us, we’re already in our seventh year of promoting now. 

Honestly, after we return home having finished a big event like this one, as we go home, it truly feels kinda, yeah. It feels really weak, like we’re — we’d just worked hard in the studio, making music, practised in the practice room, and after that, danced and sung on a floor as black as this one, and that’s all there is to it — and we always think whether we can actually achieve something [through those things], whether we’re actually in the process of doing something. 

But because all of you have become the lamp to that long night of ours, we, too, though weak as it may be, through things that we can do — things that only we can do, in our position, as the people we are — we will try to be a lamp that brightens your night. I love you. I’ll work hard. Thank you! 

At its conclusion, some of the members tweeted another round of thanks.
BTS: Teamwork makes the dream work.
Jin: ARMY, thank you so much for allowing us to receive these awards!! ARMY, I love you, heart-eu heart-eu al-la-byu
SUGA: It’s the first time in a while, [wearing] the school uniform~ Thank you, ARMY! Tee hee
JIMIN: That I’ve been able to repay you with this award makes me really happy I thank you sincerely To all the ARMYs who came to see our performance today or watched through broadcast, I thank you and I love you Please return home safely! #JIMIN #OurARMYsReceivedAnAward
Big Hit Official: [#TodaysBangtan] 8 awards at the MMA thanks to our ARMYs who are always our lamp! Thank you #AwardWinningSonyeondan #APoBangPo (ArmyForeverBangtanForever) #OurARMYsHaveReceivedAnAward
RM: You all are my lamps
V: Always an existence I’m grateful for / The BTS V that ARMYs have moulded is happy (+ click through for translation of his video message) 

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