Hi, I’m wisha.

I like coming across things people have made to express something about this vast universe, and what we can be to each other.

So I am always humbled by art. I enjoy it, learn from it, and draw from it courage to live another day.

I’ve particularly received a lot of joy and comfort from BTS. So I began translating their words as a fan in November 2017.

RM, in a Weverse post on January 1st 2020, said

“I want to live with a more concentrated sincerity wherein our support and love can be delivered to even just one more person. I, too, won’t waver, and hear words of love simply as they are. I continue to wish for us to be a meaningful gesture to one another. I hope that rather than happiness hidden within a foggy visage, love and sincerity would overflow between us.

Hopefully this helps.

Much of my work is documented on twitter (@doyou_bangtan), but I try to transfer a lot of it here for record keeping purposes.

Please explore. Delve into their lyrics, speeches, interviews, and much else besides.